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CALL FOR APPLICATIONS A.Y. 2012/14 - List of applicants admitted to the Master Program
Official call

Applications must be submitted no later than May 21st June 1st, 2012 - 1 pm (GMT)


Applicants must have a Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electronics, Telecommunications, Physics or any other equivalent title in the disciplines relating to the Information and Communication Technologies. Students who are enrolled in a three-year university program and expect to gain such qualifications within June 30th, 2012 are also eligible.
The candidates should have a good knowledge of the English language, proved by a proficiency certificate (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge or other forms of statement).


  • Applicants shall enter their application exclusively on-line, filling the admission form wich is reacheable from this page stating the following information:
  • last name, name, place/country and date of birth, gender, nationality, marital status, disabilities;
  • permanent address and mail address (if different), where applicants wish to receive paper communications concerning the application
  • phone, e-mail and skype contacts;
  • university career: academic title, degree awarding date, university and final score (if applicable), academic year of beginning of BSc’s studies, standard duration of courses, average score of exams taken. Applicants who expect to graduate within June 30th, 2012 shall indicate the provisional graduation date;
  • level of knowledge of the English language and other foreign languages;
  • commitment to notify any change of address or e-mail contact to this administration.

Applicants shall attach the following documents as pdf files (all materials shall be in Adobe pdf format and must use the file name shown):

  • Cv_Surname_Name.pdf: a copy of their complete Curriculum Vitae et Studiorum covering their education program, cultural and professional experiences and all other information that might help in the evaluation of the candidate;
  • Certificate_Surname_Name.pdf: copy of Degree Certificate (if applicable);
  • Transcripts_Surname_Name.pdf: the academic transcript with the full list of courses and grades (in English, in French or Italian). This list should contain information regarding credits, units (or equivalent) received, the grades received for each class taken, and the date when the final examination (if applicable) was taken, provided by attaching the copy of the University Transcript or completing the template provided by the application form;
  • English_Surname_Name.pdf: a copy of the English Language Certification;
  • Reference_Surname_Name.pdf: two reference letters or testimonials of experience (i.e. internship certificates, training attestations, supervisor's e-mail testimony in PDF format, etc…) – not mandatory;
  • Motivation_Surname_Name.pdf: motivation letter;
  • Passport_Surname_Name.pdf: copy of valid passport or any other international ID;
  • Other_Surname_Name.pdf: a copy of any other document or information that they deem suitable (Graduate Record Examinations GRE etc.. Pleae note that works written in languages other than Italian, English, or French must be accompanied by a summary in one of the above languages).

Those who expect to gain such qualifications within June 30th, 2012  are required to present a certificate or self-declaration of the attained university degree within July 15th, 2012.

Applications with missing information will not be considered valid.



The selection will be carried out by a committee that will select candidates by rating them using a scale with a maximum score of 100 points, divided as follows:

  • Academic curriculum (average of marks received at exams, mark of the graduation exam if applicable, consistency of the curriculum and dissertation with the contents of the Masters Programme, award of the Graduate Record Examinations GRE): up to 70 points;
  • Relevant professional experience in the sector: up to 20 points;
  • Language skills: up to 5 points;
  • Motivation and reference letters, up to 5 points.
In order to clarify some aspects of the received applications, the judging Committee may require certain applicants to attend an interview (even through telematic means). Applicants who are required to attend an interview will be notified only via e-mail within June 4th 14th, 2012.

Final ranking list will be published by June 25th July 9th, 2012.

Those who have been awarded an overall score of at least 70/100 points are eligible to be admitted to attend the Masters Programme.
The 12 first-ranked applicants on the list who have confirmed the participation to the course will be admitted to attend the Masters Programme.
The selection Committee will contact exclusively via e-mail all the eligible applicants, requiring a confirmation to participate to the Masters Program at the conditions specified in the call for application. Any communication TO the applicants regarding this call shall be transmitted exclusively via e-mail.

The admitted applicants who wish to attend the Masters Programme shall give confirmation of their acceptance. To confirm, they shall send the following documents to Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna via e-mail (, within 5 days of reception of the admission letter:
a) Confirmation of attendance of the Masters Programme, signed by the admitted applicant;
b) Valid copy of passport;
c) Receipt of payment of an acceptance fee of Euros 100.00, as detailed in the admission letter. The acceptance fee will be refunded after the regular matriculation of the admitted student, or deducted from the tuition fee due for the first A.Y.
d) Any other documents required in the admission communication.

In case of renunciation of a position, the next eligible applicant who have confirmed the participation to the course will be admitted to the Masters Programme.

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