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Course Program

The course is structured in 4 six-month periods. First 3 periods include traditional front lectures and laboratory sessions carried out in the Institute of Communication, Information  and Perception Technologies (TeCIP). Last period consists in a thesis worked out in the laboratories of CEIICP. 
Each period, which is subdivided in a few didactics modules, confers 30 ECTS, for a total amount of 120 ECTS.

In order to get the Master diploma students have to attend at least 80% of classes, to pass the test provided for each didactic module and to discuss successfully the final Master thesis.

           Course table IMCNE 2011-13
           Course table IMCNE 2012-14

           Courses schedule 2012-13   -  First Year
           Courses schedule 2012-13   -  Second Year

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           Master IMCNE 2011-13 Rules and Regulations

           Master IMCNE 2012-14 Rules and Regulations 


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